The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Perhaps that should say the journey continues, as I am no stranger to the online world, having blogged for a few years while our Little Chap, now 9, was a toddler. I needed a creative outlet, a space, a hobby I could call my own and Mayfair Mum was a fabulous adventure, a steep learning curve and a huge support network all at the same time. I’ve left “her” online as even now, having not written for her for almost four years, some posts are still receiving hundreds of views (I know! I couldn’t believe it either!).

I’m writing this on my phone from our holiday villa as I’m wondering if now isn’t the time to just take the plunge and deep dive back into the world of writing. I haven’t stopped writing, just publishing my writing, but I’ve had an itch for some time now and today I decided to go live on Instagram (find me at emslifeafter40). Having been only an Insta-follower for a while now, I have decided that I too have something to share and I’m ready to grow my life with this new venture.

Of course, a beautiful album of holiday photos does help!

I look forward to our journey together, to catching up with familiar faces and to making many new online friends. Do join me as I try to live, love and learn and raise a glass to #lifeafter40

Make mine a gin!

Em x

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