An Invitation From Disney – Christopher Robin-style

Often in life, things happen for a reason and sometimes if you leave things alone, they even resolve themselves! However, it’s a rare occasion indeed when that involves Disney, Claridge’s and afternoon tea with a film star!

At the end of term, my son was invited to a friend’s birthday party. I messed up thinking it was the day he broke up from school, but alas not, so he couldn’t go as I’d paid for childcare instead.

Bad Mummy!

To make amends I booked a play date with the same child for early August, once we were back from our holidays.


Except just as we left, I realised we had plumbers coming to rip out the boiler and cut off the water that same day. I didn’t really want to host two energetic, curious 9-year olds as well. What to do? I didn’t want to cancel but my heat-addled, end of term brain couldn’t think what might work just then, so I parked it (on a task list, naturally).

Then I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation from Disney to attend a tea party with Jim Cummings at Claridge’s to launch their new film Christopher Robin.

Problem solved!

File 11-08-2018, 23 56 40.jpegWith huge thanks to Disney for their generosity, I was able to take both boys. We all enjoyed an afternoon being thoroughly spoiled with a too-pretty-to-eat selection of incredible edibles (not that we let that stop us!), old-fashioned toys and games before Jim Cummings arrived to read us all a teatime story from the book of the film.

As the voice of both Pooh and Tigger, he held a room full of previously pretty noisy 7+ kids enraptured in total silence – my enthusiastic reading of bedtime stories will never be received quite as warmly ever again. You could have heard a pin drop!

The film shows a grown-up Christopher Robin (played by Ewan McGregor – I’m so happy!) who faces a common contemporary dilemma when his employer expects him to stay and work the weekend but his wife and daughter expect him to show up for their planned weekend away at the same time!

Enter Winnie the Pooh, who needs Christopher Robin’s help too – to find all his lost friends. No prizes for guessing who our hero chooses to spend his time with and thus begins his (and no doubt our own) path to enlightenment.

With all the usual Disney cuteness, humour and action to nonetheless deliver its rather serious but apt message during this last month of the school holidays, I’d say this film promises to be a runaway success (see also Ewan McGregor!).

Put it this way, as I tucked in one tired, cake-stuffed nine-year old boy that evening, he hugged me (and his new plush Pooh bear) a little tighter than usual and whispered “When can we go and see that new film Mummy? I can’t wait – it looks so good!

From the mouth of a boy whose every other word is video or computer games and whose favourite films recently have had to have Marvel super heroes in them, I don’t think Disney will have any problems getting bums on seats for this one!

Christopher Robin opens in the UK on 17 August, with some cinemas offering charity previews the night before.

We’ve booked our tickets and can’t wait!

Have you ever left something to the last minute in the hope it will resolve itself? Did it? I’d love to know how! Share your story in the comments below. Or just let me know if you enjoy the film…

Em x

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