If you can’t stand the heat…

…get out of the kitchen!

Or so the saying goes.

We moved into our current home one September day little more than a decade ago. The global recession was a nightmare waiting to happen. The property market was at an all time high and we went all out for it, so had nothing much left to do any major renovations to the kitchen and bathroom.

Both were in a state we felt we could live with until we had the time and energy! (For various reasons, this was our third move in six years & we were both busy at work and genuinely needed to take a break).

So what did we do instead? Got me pregnant with The 9yo (who is soon to become The 10yo) just as the global recession reached its zenith, that’s what!

You can guess how much money and energy we had for house renovations after that, with me washing bottles and changing nappies 24/7, while Mr J half killed himself trying to keep his job in the City! After that of course, we learned to live with it very easily. I was distracted by a small person and simultaneously figuring out how to juggle a new part-time career with motherhood.

Of course, a new kitchen and bathroom quickly became something of a nice to have, rather than a necessity and with Mr J’s promotion to partner, his chances of finding time to drive it forward were limited. So it fell to me, who for a while had nothing but palpitations at the pressure of having to get it all right first time or spend a long time regretting exactly how we’d spent rather a lot of money!

Fast forward a few more years and with The 9yo having longer in school, I found sufficient breathing space to co-ordinate the achievement of a few domestic goals, like investing in updating our now rather out of date kitchen.

It is finally being gutted this week.

Here’s our mood board for the new one. I am rather excited if a little nervous at the prospect of so much mess and disruption at the same time as the start of a new school year for The9yo but that’s just my inner control freak who really just needs to Take . A . Breath. Right?

We decided not to encroach on our modest garden so as to retain our patio space (recently landscaped to a smart new gravel space for our new garden furniture by Mr J!) It’s HOW long until summer…!?

Instead, our plan was that by removing our old boiler from the kitchen wall, we make enough room for a tumble dryer by replacing it with a new combi boiler on the other side of the same kitchen wall in the garage. Genius. With some clever planning I should also end up with a full height cleaning / storage cupboard and a larder plus some pretty glass display cabinets either side of the kitchen window for all our nicer than everyday stuff and my recipe book collection…(cough)!

If I have any energy left afterwards, I’ll let you all know how it goes!

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