Be Game About Pie

“A little of what you fancy does you good”, or so the saying goes.

Pastry is a source of saturated fat.

Puff pastry the more so.

Game About Pie1
Photo credit: Emma J at Em’s Life After 40

I’m probably not selling this dish to the more health-conscious of you right now, but “All things in moderation” is another mantra given to me by my wise mother.

With the nights drawing in ever closer to the end of British Summer Time recently, and following the absence of some good home cooking for a while (too hot to use the oven, ripped the kitchen out for a few weeks etc…!), I was attracted to the relative virtues of lean, healthy game while browsing the online supermarket shelves the other week.

Hampshire Game’s pie mix was on special offer at Ocado which gave it value as well as virtue – a winning combination in this home!

Having browned the game pie mix in a hot pan for a few minutes, I added 3 slices of bacon, roughly chopped, 3 carrots and 2 sticks of celery, diced (a substitute for the mushrooms I’d carelessly used up the day before and, dare I say, no less delicious!), a spoonful of plain flour, a tin of red wine and red onion soup, a sprinkle of thyme, a few bay leaves, a twist of salt and pepper and a sheet of ready-rolled puff pastry. This made 8 filling portions, and really wasn’t as indulgent as it tasted!

Just perfect with some freshly cooked green veg. *smacks lips*

Game About Pie2
Photo credit: Emma J at Em’s Life After 40
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